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Goran Yerkovich was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada in 1978.  A first generation Canadian with deep roots in his family's homeland of Croatia. 


Goran has always had a love for the arts. Growing up in Calgary, Alberta, his first memory of drawing was in the second grade when he learned how to draw a T-Rex dinosaur. 


"That T-rex was sent around the room and then a bunch of kids came up to me and asked if I could draw them their own dinosaur.  They all wanted one!  It was at that moment I realized I had a skill in drawing. And I loved sharing it with others. And to be honest - it was a pretty bad ass T-Rex. "

A self taught artist, Goran would progress through grade school always drawing in pencil in his spare time. In the 5th grade he entered a school art competitions and won. "That was another first for me. I didn't think I was good enough to win and when it happened I was incredibly proud. I realized then, at that moment, that no matter what - I would keep drawing my entire life - because I was meant to."  

Time would pass. First High School and then University, when his next big moment in art took place.

"My first real big piece of artwork that I would call substantial took place just as I was about to finish university. It was of a Time Life photo of a WWI soldier saving an old French woman. It's a touching photo.  It was a wedding gift for a good friend. I wanted it to be special so I really pushed my limits and I found a new level in my art. It was also when I started incorporating charcoal into my art."

 Goran Yerkovich 

After graduating from University and living in London England, drawing and creating charcoal artwork only occasionally in his free time, Goran would move back to Canada but this time make Vancouver his new home.  

"I found whatever work I could to survive for the first few years in Vancouver, and then eventually landed a great job that would give me some spare time to get back into my drawing.  That's when I dug deep and created some of the larger works I have now."  

Seven more years passed and that's when Goran realized it was now or never to really focus on his art.  "I decided its time to put my art out there. No one has ever really seen it before other than my close friends and family. So that time has come and it's now."  

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